hg medical Implantate Medizintechnologie in Raisting

The combination of state-of-the-art digital and analog technologies allows us to set standards in the production of our leading-edge products. This forms the basis for costing products in line with the market.

Leading the Way.
Staying Ahead.

Uncompromising quality: Our fully-automated machinery is always in line with the latest technical standards. Another example of our unrivaled vertical integration is that the complete anodizing process has been performed in-house for some time now, from the block of raw material through to the packaged final product ready for sale. Adherence to delivery dates is just as natural for us as is perfection in production control and data monitoring.

Beyond standard programming, we also deploy additional electronic and optical techniques for quality assurance, e.g. laser scanning, electronic tolerance measurement methods and accurate comparative tests. Moreover, each individual implant is subject to an intensive final quality control carried out by our staff.

How Production is Done Today.
With Zeros and Ones.

Visions become innovations – with the right software. Our processes are fully digitalized. We align our CAD/CAM software completely towards the specifications and needs of our customers. And the highest efficiency without any loss of time – because thanks to our own expertise we are not dependent on external programming specialists.

Offering More than Others.
Our Aspiration is our Program.

We produce exclusively on state-of-the-art milling machines and lathe machine centers with up to ten axes and with additional features like cannulation – even in very long implants. In addition, we offer our customers surface treatments, anodizing in our own ultramodern facility, electropolishing, passivation and laser implant marking. Then there is automated cleaning, packaging, labeling, final picking and precise delivery. Everything perfectly coordinated. We are committed to your requirements and our aspiration of always offering the best solution.

First Class Products.
Under First Class Conditions.

Top quality does not always have to come at the highest price. Our high tech production allows us to offer consistently optimized prices. Vertical integration leads to enormous productivity and our perfectly utilized technology makes for unique efficiency. Moreover, our second identically equipped production location in the USA allows us to act with particular flexibility. So we are in a position to offer competitive prices for the world market despite the very best quality and delivery reliability.