September 2019

Start of training at hg medical GmbH in Raisting

On Monday morning, 2nd of September, four new apprentices were welcomed to hg medical in Raisting.
In a three-and-a-half-year training as a cutting machine mechanic, the four young men learn everything about hg medical products, from the idea through the first drawing and prototypes to the finished CE- or FDA-certified implant.
hg medical GmbH offers excellent career opportunities and proofs itself each year as an attractive employer in the Ammersee region and beyond.

Auch dieses Jahr hieß es am Montagmorgen (02.09.2019) für vier neue Azubis Herzlich willkommen bei hg medical in Raisting.

From left: Trainer Manuel Lübeck, the four new apprentices (Mahammad Aghayev, Yannik Laaber, Sven Köglmayr, Josef Hahn) with the managing director Johannes Hagenmeyer and the trainer Sascha Aichinger (right).

August 2019

School class visit – a look behind the scenes

Shortly before the start of the summer holidays, a school class from Peißenberg visited us to take a look behind the scenes of hg medical. Our instructors Sascha Aichinger and Manuel Lübeck gave the students insights into the day-to-day work of the company, showing them the various options for manual and mechanical material processing such as turning, milling and grinding.
Through this event we give students the opportunity to get to know us and the training profession of machining mechanic in the field of turning and milling technology.
Are you looking for a modern training facility? Then take a look here.

Schulklasse zu Besuch bei hg medical und Darco in Raisting für Stellenangebote

July 2019

Another machine is added

In July the turnery received a new TNL 20 9/B by Traub. This model has been available for about 2 years. With performance data including a spindle passage of Ø 20 mm and a 205 mm Z-Stroke, it is between the Tornos machines and is therefore able to support our Deco13 and Evo Deco32.
As it has already demonstrated on its first orders, it runs very steadily. It was particularly able to prove its worth in the area of hexagonal slotting.
We also see a great advantage in the use of multiple holders in combination with selected products and tailor-made programmes so as to reduce set-up times, thereby increasing the productivity of the turnery.

Drehmaschine der Firma Traub CNC Fräser, CNC Fräser Jobangebot bei hg-medical

Drehmaschine der Firma Traub CNC Fräser, CNC Fräser Jobangebot bei hg-medical

May 2019

Machine growth

The milling department expanded the machining capacity with a Hermle C12 in May 2019. This is the twelfth Hermle machine in Raisting
USA has 4 Hermle C12.

The machine is using the most modern 5 Axle technics and technology.
It´s state of the art.


April 2019

Overlay 2.0

To check the dimensional accuracy of a component, an optical comparison with an overlay is the fastest and most effective way. In February 2019, we therefore added an even easier digital system to our proven analog overlay system. We decided on a digital projector of the 500 series from VisionGauge (Vision X).

This projector is currently being used successfully in the turning shop. Future use in the milling shop is also being considered.

The digital advantages are obvious:

-simple and intuitive operation

-Less space required (easy changeover possible by rolling)

-Automatic alignment and focusing

-automatic pass/fail function possible

-Overlay data follow during table movement (measurement beyond field of vision possible)

-no physical storage space required for overlay files.

-robust construction (can be used in and during production)

-High-resolution images with sharp edge profiles.

-Creating screenshots

-can also be used in daylight

February 2019

CMM Department of Measurements

What started as an individual job at the CMM has grown into an on Department within QA. In addition to the CMM, since last year we have also had a HiTec optical measuring device with us. At the turn of the year 2018/2019, a measurement microscope from the Japanese brand Keyence was added. Immediately afterwards in January, some employees were trained on it. In the course of the expansion of personnel and the appearance towards our customers, new furniture for the department was acquired in January. So we are well prepared for the year 2019.


Keyence Measuring microscope

Measuring method: optical or laser

Measurement results: Surface contours with dimensioned output and roughness measurements

Zoom settings: 5x and 10x for contour measurements, 20x and 50x for roughness

Data output: 2D section through the part with dimensioning or 3D image with color evaluation

September 2018

A new start for trainees at hg medical GmbH in Raisting

Four new apprentices were welcomed into hg medical on September 1st . The teenagers, 2 girls and 2 boys, will enter a new career in the field of metal cutting starting with a 3½ year apprenticeship offered through hg medical.

“Hg medical offers a professional qualification in a demanding field, opening the way for many excellent opportunities for individuals.” says managing director Johannes Hagenmeyer. Such first-rate training is highly in demand with competitive salaries. Upon successfully completing the apprenticeship, the individual becomes a valuable prospect with specialized skills entering in the market place. Hg medical is an attractive employer and can offer numerous career opportunities to interested applicants in the region and beyond.

The four new apprentices with the managing director Johannes Hagenmeyer (left) and their trainer Sascha Aichinger (right).

June 2018

More space for our quality assurance

In order to meet the ever-increasing demands in the future, hg medical GmbH has created new premises for quality assurance. At the same time, the intermediate storage was optimized and more space was provided for a large number of testing and measuring equipment, which ensured better planning of further process steps and thus shorter throughput times. Furthermore, the laser was incorporated into the quality assurance with this conversion, in order to achieve process optimization here as well. In addition, the new office now also provides space for additional employees who should strengthen the QS team in the future.

March 2018

hg medical at the job fair

We always work on increasing our brand awareness with advertisements, billboard advertising, a cinema spot and now as an exhibitor at the job fair in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria. There we got the chance in giving many young people an insight into the working world at hg medical.
Are you also interested? Visit us at the Schongau Trainee Fair on April 18, 2018 or send an application to
We are looking forward to you!

January 2018

Launch of a new software solution

The full introduction and validation of the GEWATEC production software has happened at hg medical. Every single step of the production is now monitored and documented fully digital. After almost two years of preparation, this is another milestone for our company and once again proves or best-in-class approach.

December 2017

Thank you.

As 2017 rolls to a close, we reflect back on the successes, the challenges and the set-backs the year has brought. Over-all, it’s been a great year, one for which we are very grateful. As our business model evolves, it is ever more apparent that the foundation of our relationships is the pillar of our success. We appreciat you and are thankful for the fantastic collaboration over the past year.

Thank you for your business and for your loyalty. Our success begins with your success and we look forward to a fruitful 2018 and to the continued cooperation in the years to come.

May your holidays be joyous, peaceful and bright and we wish you a New Year filled with happiness and prosperity.

November 2017

Moving into the new manufacturing facility

HG DARCO Group in Raisting is proud to announce our new manufacturing hall is open for operations. The HG medical machines are being put into place and we’re excited to be moving into our new “digs”. In addition, DARCO is outfitting the warehouse with multilevel storage equipment and are filling the shelves with goods.

October 2017

New cleaning line in the USA

The new, fully automated cleaning and passivation line from ELMA is installed and the validation process has started. We are in plan to use this hightech cleaning and passivation by the end of 2017 as well as our packaging and labeling department in the US. Another milestone for our US subsidiary!

September 2017

The apprenticeship program HG DARCO Group in Raisting has begun

The HG DARCO Group is proud to announce 5 individuals have been chosen to participate in the apprenticeship training program (2 young women and 3 young men) here in Raisting. For the young people, this will be the beginnings in a career in Business Management and Machine Mechanics. hg medical GmbH and DARCO (Europe) GmbH are a part of the global HG DARCO Group.

August 2017

The new electropolishing system is validated

hg medical is now able to perform this process in-house. The required acceleration of the process chain for stainless steel implants is thus implemented.

June 2017

Our new facility of the HG DARCO Group

The new facility of the HG DARCO Group in the Raisting business district is ready for occupancy and the first new machining
Hermle C12 U machining center. In addition, the new teaching workshop as well as a CMM measuring center will be installed in the facility.

May 2017

New “Traube” processing center in 3-shift operation

A second “Traub” processing center is installed and validated for production. The processing center, like all centers at hg medical, is operated from the start in 3-shift operation.

March 2017

hg medical also directly meets the strict UDI implant requirements

With the laser marking system validated especially on the implants we manufacture, hg medical also directly meets the strict UDI implant requirements. Here we can implement our customers’ reulatory requirements directly in-house.

July 2016

DARCO merger with hg medical brings high-tech manufacturing to Huntington, WV

With all DARCO has accomplished in its 30 years, the most exciting thing to happen at DARCO is now underway.